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Marc Snyderman
4 min readApr 30, 2024


It’s been a long and sad 5 months since I wrote my last blog post “Silence is Hatred.” In that post, I said that my rose-colored glasses were coming off because of the October 7 massacre and the wave of antisemitism that followed. Yet, I don’t think I took them off. Even after the atrocities of that day and the widespread silence or even worse, support for Hamas, I didn’t envision that we’d be here at the end of April:

· Over 200 days have gone by and more than 130 of our people remain hostage in terror tunnels, with no real care from the world.

· Daily attacks from Hezbollah and Iran including long-range missiles and suicide drones.

· One-sided media bought and paid for by Hamas and its sister terror organizations.

· Encampments across major college campuses with chants of “the only solution, intifada revolution”.

· Graduations canceled and graduation picture spots overtaken by terrorist supporters.

· Schools are being shut down, Jewish students sent home, and professors shut out of their schools like we’re in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Israel has conducted the most surgical, proportional response to an attack in history. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and killed 2,400 of our people, we killed 2 million plus Japanese. Post 9/11 the US attacked Iraq, killing more than 250,000. The list goes on and on. Atrocities across the world have occurred which are true attempts at genocide — 5.5 million deaths in the Congo, 500,000 deaths in Syria, 500,000 in Sudan, 400,000 in Yemen, NO PROTESTS, no outrage at the UN, no real care in the world. What’s different now? It’s the Jews that are involved and we are fighting back. We’re not allowed to do that.

Let’s be real. There is no end in sight to what is going on and I am angry, sad, scared, and frustrated all at the same time. Many of these students or others being brought in to start and hold these protests are paid for by the Soros Foundation, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others. There’s no disputing that the Ivy League schools and other of our prestigious universities have taken 100s of millions of dollars from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority, not to mention China, Russia, and Pakistan.

Is it no surprise that these schools now do NOTHING to protect the Jewish student population?

Does anyone want to pay attention to the fact that we’re being funded by countries that want to see the end of the United States?

My daughter attends UCLA. I accept and encourage the liberalism of schools like UCLA to protest wars and believe all students need to see all sides of issues — it’s fundamental to our republic. Free speech needs to be protected but when we cross lines and allow hate and vitriol to be spewed in the form of an age-old antisemitic blood libel we’ve seen generation after generation, it needs to be shut down.

Protest the war, protest Hamas occupation and treatment of the Palestinians, protest Israeli politics, protest US politics — that’s all acceptable and I might even join in — chant “from the river to the sea, one solution intifada revolution” and you are inciting violence and oh yes, you’re calling for genocide — yes, actual genocide which is all Hamas wants. So now you know what the word means because you don’t seem to understand it!

You are no different than the Nazis, I’ve seen your swastikas, your hate-mongering (side note- you’re being paid to be at the best schools in the world — learn something, study, get educated).

Calling for the genocide of the Jewish people and taking over the land of Israel is not only a hate crime; it is a war crime.

Hide behind your kefirs and masks and refuse to be interviewed. You are paid for cowards, speaking of things you do not have any understanding about. At the least, the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Syrians, the Jordanians, the Nazis, and others in history had the conviction to show their faces.

You say the Jews should go back home, we have and we’re not giving it back.

We see you; we know you, we will not bow down, we will not give up, we will win. We’ve done this before, and you will be just another holiday we drink wine and celebrate our victory about.



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